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MORE INFO is a fully accredited .ie domain registrar

You can now register domains in the Irish language which include the fada characters.

Your domain name says a lot about you or your business, so a .ie domain makes perfect sense if you’re based in Ireland. The .ie domain is one of the most secure domains in the World and tells the online community that you’re legitimate and based in Ireland.

Internationalised Domain Names will be available in three phases:

Rights holders will be able to apply for their domain during the Sunrise phase which opens on 23 August 2016, and will run for 30 days until 21 September 2016.

The next phase, called Landrush is designed to allow those who currently have an Irish language domain (but without the fada) to get the correct Irish version. For example, can purchase www.fá

In the final phase, called General Availability, applications will be open for new registrations on a first come first served basis.

Sunrise Phase

During this phase, eligible trademark holders can apply for the IDN which reflects their protected mark.

Holders of the following trademarks are invited to apply under this phase:

All rights must have been obtained prior to 30 July 2014.

NOTE: All applicants will be required to provide a scanned copy of their trademark certificate/trademark number, which will be verified by the IEDR’s Registrations Department.

Every applicant must hold rights to exactly the same name as the domain name that they wish to register. The domain name applied for must be identical to all text or word elements contained in the eligible trademark. The recorded name of the trademark must be an identical match to the reported name, as long as the name of the Trademark includes letters, words, numerals, keyboard signs, and punctuation marks (“Characters”) that are:

A domain name containing a plural version of the mark is not considered to be an identical match, and such a mark will not be considered eligible during Sunrise.

In the event that there is any doubt about the order or eligibility of the trademark, the decision will be allocated to external specialists with thorough knowledge of both national and regional Trademark law.

If the Trademark Holder’s registered mark includes one or more spaces between letters, the spaces should be removed.

If the Trademark Holder’s registered mark includes a special character (such as -, @, !, §, %, ^, © or &), these characters should be omitted.

Contested Applications

If multiple, eligible applicants apply for the same IDN during Sunrise, an auction will be used to determine who will be awarded the right to use it.

Applicants for any IDNs progressing to auction will be notified of the relevant details once the application phase has ended.

Go Live

Please note that domains registered during the Sunrise and Landrush phases will go live between 2 November and 15 November 2016.

Landrush Phase

Landrush will launch on 18 October 2016, running for 30 days and ending on 16 November 2016.

Registration Criteria

During this phase, only applications from certain existing .ie registrants will be allowed.

This is to ensure that those who previously registered domains in the Irish language, but without the correct inclusion of the fada, can have the chance to get the corrected spelling of their domain.

For example, the registrant of, can apply for fó during this phase.

If you are the existing registrant of a .ie domain that is missing the fada character, please ensure you apply during this phase.

Otherwise, any remaining IDNs will be made available on first come, first served basis to anyone who meets our standard registration criteria, during the final phase of release.

General Availability

The final phase of release will be general release, and this is expected to start on 17 November 2016.

Any remaining Internationalised .ie domains will be released on a “First Come First Served” basis, as per normal registration procedures within the IEDR.

All applicants must satisfy the IEDR Registration and Naming Policy.