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Latest Information and Updates to .IE Domain Name Registration Policy

November '17
Important Notice – Changes to .IE Domain Name Registration Policies Coming in 2018…
The rules for registering .ie domain names are changing, following an extensive consultation process over many months. From March 2018, the need to explain why you want a particular domain name (also called ‘claim to the name’) when registering a .ie domain name will be removed. In the past, along with identification or proof of business, you would have to provide a ‘Claim Letter’ explaining what you planned to use the domain for and why to chose that particular name. The removal of this requirement for .ie registrations is a big change with many benefits…

The removal of the ‘claim to the name’ will make it simpler, easier and faster for businesses to get a .ie registered. It means that anybody with a connection to Ireland will be able to register any available .ie domain name they want. In addition, if you already have a .ie domain name you won’t have to provide paperwork all over again to complete the registration as was previously the case.

Previous Updates....
As previously announced, Section 3.6 of the IEDR’s Naming Policy, also referred to as the “Geographic Rule” will no longer be in effect.

Accordingly, for 2017 any .ie domains reflecting Geographic place names in the island of Ireland will no longer be reserved for Local Authorities or Government Bodies. Any applicant who can meet the registration and naming policies will be permitted to register these domains.

Why Register a .IE Domain Name?

Your domain name says a lot about you or your business, so a .ie domain makes perfect sense if you’re based in Ireland. The .ie domain is one of the most secure domains in the World and tells the online community that you’re legitimate and based in Ireland.

How Google Views .IE Domains

.ie domain names are given priority by Google if the search being performed is either from Ireland or if the search query is about Ireland. Google can see that your presence is in Ireland.

IDN’s - Internationalised Domain Names

You can now register .ie domains in the Irish language which include the fada characters.

If you already have the Irish language .ie domain (but without the fada) already registered then you will qualify to get the IDN Irish version. For example, can purchase www.fá

If you don’t have the Irish language version that’s no problem, you will just need to meet the same registration criteria as any .ie domain name registration, See below for more details.

Documentation You May Require:

There are two straightforward points you will need to satisfy to successfully register your .ie domain name:-

  • Identifying you or your organisation. You will usually need to provide proof of ID and address, or Company Information such as a Company Registration number, or VAT number.
  • Your right to use the domain name you’ve chosen. This could be a Registered Business Name (RBN) number or Trade Mark number, or could be a claim letter stating how and what you intend to use the name for.
Why Register Domains with Hosting Ireland?

When you register domain names, you should choose an accredited registrar. Here’s why you should register a domain name with Hosting Ireland:

  • IEDR Accredited
  • Free DNS services*
  • Free URL forwarding*
  • Free Support

*These services are only provided for domains registered or transferred to Hosting Ireland.

Who Can Register:

A .ie domain name can be registered for the following categories:

  • Corporate Name – Limited Company or PLC
  • Personal Trading Name – Sole Trader
  • Business Name – Registered Business Name number as registered with
  • Trade Mark Name – Trade Mark as registered in Ireland and /or EU
  • Discretionary Name – If you are planning to start a business
  • Personal Name – Your name
  • Publication Name – Magazine or Journal
  • Unincorporated Association Name – Club or Association
  • Charity – Registered Charity in Ireland
  • State Agency Name – Government Department or Agency
  • Educational Institution Name – School, College or University
  • Politician's Name – TD or Senator
.IE Domain Discounts

The domain discounts offered with our hosting packages applies to any .ie one year domain name registration purchased with hosting or a website builder. In fact with a website builder the domain is free. Offer does not apply to renewals.

Could My .IE Application Be Rejected?

Most applications are successful provided you provide the information required. Failure to provide the information within 27 days of the application will mean your application will expire and you will need to reapply again.

Domain Registration Fees

The registration fee for a domain name is usually for a period of one year or multiples of one year and must be paid when you submit your application.

In order to keep your domain active you must renew your domain fees each year, failure to do so could mean someone else could register your domain when the domain expires.

Domain Name Transfers

Do you already have a .ie domain name and want to save money? You can transfer your domain name to and get a discounted first year. This is really simple just request the EPP code from your current provider and when you order the transfer through our website enter the code too. The transfer will be automatic provided you have the EPP code. If you have any questions about domain name registrations, transfers or charges please contact us.