.IE Domain Registration Guide

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Important Note
IMPORTANT NOTE: All applicants applying for a .ie domain name who are not situated in the 32 counties, must demonstrate a Real and Substantive Connection with Ireland (with the exception of those applying with a registered Community Trademark)
Examples of acceptable documentation demonstrating substantial trade or commercial activity within Ireland are as follows:

1. Copies of invoices (showing trade to or from Ireland) High-quality brochures
2. A signed letter on headed paper from a bank manager, firm of chartered accountant(s), registered auditor(s), tax consultant(s) (where the tax adviser identification number is displayed), or solicitor(s) confirming the applicants trade with Ireland.

A copy of the applicants passport, driving license or birth certificate is required. Applicants applying under this category can register full names, first initial and surname and their initials with a number of their choice e.g. John Citizen can apply to register johncitizen.ie, jcitizen.ie and jc1.ie. Surnames on their own are NOT allowed.

We simply require the registered company number to be supplied in the remarks field of the application form. Supporting documentation may be needed though.

We require the Registered Trademark number (Irish, Community, British or American only) to be entered in the remarks field of the application form. All other Trademark holders must submit a copy of the Trademark certificate.

We simply require that the Registered Business Name number is entered in the remarks of the application form. If the business name is different to any great extent, supporting documentation may be required.

Documentation is required to verify the applicant is a Statutory Body.

Documentation proving the applicant is the owner of the publication e.g. A faxed copy of the page from the publication where the writer or publisher is clearly stated. In the case of Ezine publications, simply provide the link to the online publication.

If the Educational Institution is recognised by the Department of Education a letter on the applicants headed paper or the Schools Role Number will suffice.

A signed letter, on official letterhead, from the politician confirming their eligibility to register a domain name in this category.

A self-issued letter from the applicant on the association's letterhead stating that they are an Unincorporated Association and require the domain name to reflect their organisation's name.

A VAT number and/or a letter from the applicant's solicitor, accountant or bank manager confirming that the applicant trades under their own name. eg. John Citizen can apply for johncitizen.ie.