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Advanced SSL Certificates

Need a higher level of security from your SSL Cert? Do you have Multiple Sub-Domains? Microsoft Server environment?
See our advanced SSL certs, for more options.


Unsure about which SSL you need?

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More Information on SSL Certificates

Why should you have an SSL cert?

Identification & Authentication

An SSL Certificate helps customers check your website identity, especially if you receive sensitive and confidential information and credit card data via online transactions.

Your website may look good, but if your customer has any doubt about the security of your site they won’t enter information or personal details. Having an SSL certificate tells your customer that your website is secure and they are safe to enter information.

What are SSL Certs?

SSL Certificates will enable your site to receive data safely and securely.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard protocol for transaction security - this protocol creates an encrypted link between your website and your customer's browser.

Once the link is established all communication between your website and your customer's browser will remain confidential.

What benefits are there for ordering with Hosting Ireland?
How do my customers know if my website is secure?

Most web browsers display a padlock symbol and show a change in the address bar from http to https when a site is securely viewed over an SSL.

Fraud Protection Benefits

An SSL certificate can also help to protect you and your customers from possible online threats of fraud and information hijacking, also known as phishing.