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Domain Discounts

The domain discounts offered with our hosting packages applies to any one year domain name registration purchased with the hosting to a maximum list price of €19.95. Offer does not apply to renewals.

What is domain registration?

Domain Name Registration allows you to purchase a particular domain name (e.g http://www.[domain-name].com) for a period of one year or longer. When your Domain Name has been registered you will get full control and 24 hour access to your new domain name, if you also purchase hosting you can then publish any web site and set up email accounts on that Domain Name.

With your domain registration you can :

  • Park your domain name - Keeping the domain reserved for later use
  • Setup free domain name redirection - Directing any traffic to another domain
  • Register a hosting account for your domain name - This provides you with space on our servers to host email and publish your web site. offers you competitive domain name registration prices for all of the most popular domain types. The most popular are .com domains (international business domain name) and .ie domains for Irish businesses. Find out more about IE domain registration.

Why Register Domains With Us

When you register domain names, you need to choose a registrar that you can trust.
Here are a few reasons why registering domain names with us is a good idea:

  • Based in Ireland
  • Billing in Euro
  • Free DNS services
  • Free URL forwarding
  • Free Support
  • Domain and Hosting discounts

Available domain TLDS and registration guides

.ie domain registration.ieIrish Domain .com domain registration.comInternational .net domain registration.netInternational .org domain registration.orgInternational .info domain registration.infoInternational .biz domain registration.bizInternational .name domain registration.nameInternational .eu domain registration.euEuropean .at domain registration.atAustrian .de domain registration.deGerman .es domain registration.esSpanish domain domain .be domain registration.beBelgian
.ch domain registration.chSwiss .cz domain registration.czCzech Republic .dk domain registration.dkDanish .it domain registration.itItalian .li domain registration.liLiechtenstein .lt domain registration.ltLithuania .lu domain registration.luLuxembourg .lv domain registration.lvLatvia .nl domain registration.nlNetherlands .pl domain registration.plPolish .se domain registration.seSweden .ro domain registration.roRomania .ru domain registration.ruRussian Federation .uk domain Kingdom
.uk domain Kingdom .us domain registration.usUnited States .cn domain registration.cnChina .jp domain registration.jpJapan .in domain registration.inIndia .tv domain registration.tvTuvalu .cc domain registration.ccCocos Island .mobi domain registration.mobiMobile Phone Industry domain .co domain registration.coColumbian .je domain registration.jeJersey .me domain registration.meMontenegro .ca domain registration.caCanadian .pro domain registration.proProfessional Network