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€35.40 per annum. (2 months free)

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Protect Your Valuable Website Files

Never lose your website and database files, always backed up offsite for ultimate security. The simple process of restoring means your business is back online in minutes should the worst happen.

Offsite Website Backup

Offsite website backup is a cloud-based automated website backup and monitoring service that website owners can use independently to restore lost or corrupted data in a single click. Always on and ready to safeguard files, website, database and emails.

How do you benefit?

With website backup, you’ll experience peace of mind along with the ability to get your website, databases and email back up and running quickly and easily if you need to.

Website backup ensures that SMBs and other website owners have the highest level of protection against outages and lost data associated with potentially catastrophic events like hacking, malware infections and blacklisting. With website backup, you have complete autonomy over the website backup restoration process. This means no more phone calls to your hosting provider, no more intermediaries, no more searching for the right person to contact.

Everything you need to quickly restore website content and functionality is at your fingertips in a simple browser-based dashboard.

You always have easy access to your backed-up files, and issues can be resolved more quickly. Get better protection for your website and faster remediation at a lower cost. Eliminate the risks and investments associated with local backup solutions.

Reduce response and recovery times

Restore features allows you to view your previous backups at a glance, and then select specific files or the entire site to restore with a single click. Data protection and recovery is simpler and more efficient.

Reduce costs

Website backup is economically priced on a per-user basis and is more economical for SMBs and other website owners than managed backup services or server-level solutions.

Be confident that your data is secure

Our website backup deploys military-grade encryption to protect your data as a website owner. This includes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Standard Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation techniques such as SYN cookies and connection limiting are deployed. Backup servers connect to web servers using a secure FTP connection, and all files that are fetched are encrypted. Public key authentication is also available as an additional layer of protection for website backups.

Take control of your backups

With our website backup you can take control if the worst should happen. If your website is blacklisted or if content is accidentally lost, or corrupted by hackers, or even if you accidentally delete those valuable files by mistake, you can take control and restore those files direct from your control panel.