All your files on all your
devices all the time.

per month
€199.99 annually (2 months free!)


Manage and collaborate
your business online.

per month
€549.99 annually (2 months free!)

Online Backup Solutions

Cloud Online Backup from Hosting Ireland means you get instant protection for your PC or MAC. Losing your files or having your computer stolen could mean disaster and facts show that most people don't backup their computer files until it is too late. Whether for personal or business use, online backup will give you peace of mind and costs as little as €4.95 per month.

Online Backup Information

Whatever your backup requirements Hosting Ireland can offer you fast, reliable backup that you can count on. All the above packages use the latest Cloud technology which means our online backup products and services can grow with your needs. With 'Cloud Backup' you can back up all your files for all your computers, with 'Cloud ProSync' you can sync all your files across all your computers and with 'Cloud Business' you can collaborate professionally with all your colleagues. All three packages allow you to access your files from the web.


View our Cloud Online Backup FAQ for answers to common questions.