€704.45 per annum

  • Highest level of authentication.
  • Identifiable green address bar
  • Consumer confidence for your online shop

What is an EV SSL Cert?

The green address bar prominently displays your company name and provides highly visual assurance to customers that your site is secure – immediately giving them the confidence to complete their transaction.

More Information on EV SSL Certificates

What are the benefits?

Until now, because of the way SSL sessions have been displayed in browsers, phishing proponents could potentially apply a "padlock" onto fraud sites by obtaining easily-procured Low Assurance SSL Certificates. To close this security gap, Certificate Authorities (CA's) - Thawte, Comodo and Geotrust - have taken action by giving consumers the means to distinguish between businesses validated High Assurance Certificates and "domain only" validated Low Assurance Certificates.

The EV SSL Certificate Validation Process

This new procedure has been established by the industry group - CA/B Forum - and involves a more rigorous validation procedure.

A business needs to conform to some basic requirements to obtain an EV SSL certificate. The company needs to prove they have: