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Linux or Windows - Which is for me?

Short answer: if you don't know, then Linux hosting is probably for you.

Linux Web Hosting

Linux is an open source operating system used by the majority of web servers because of its strong security record. Ongoing rapid development and support from the open source community also makes Linux the first choice for many. Linux shared hosting is usually lower in cost than its Windows equivalent, simply because there is no licence fees.

Windows Web Hosting

If you prefer to use ASP, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database then Windows hosting is for you. Windows Hosting is needed if you are implementing an Access database. Hosting Ireland offers Windows Hosting with MYSQL or MSSQL Databases.

Also included with all our windows hosting packages -

Windows Hosting More Information

Our professional Windows hosting packages are the ideal solution for your on-line presence. If you want to run an ASP or APSX application, these packages are for you. Use our comparison table above to see which of the available packages suits your needs. If you need help, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01 902 0020.

Dublin Based Servers

Our Windows Helm Servers are based in a data centre in Dublin. IP connectivity is available through multiple carriers such as Cable & Wireless, Colt, BT and Global Crossing. The servers are protected behind a Cisco firewall.

Web Based Control Panel

You may manage all aspects of your account via an easy to use online control panel, configure email options, administer databases and more. Control Panel and Features will depend on Package.

POP3 Mailboxes

POP3 mailboxes are essentially to store mail until it is collected. You can create a password-protected mailbox for each individual or each department in your organisation.

More Space and Bandwidth

All Windows hosting packages provide generous disk space for your data and unlimited bandwidth*, so you don’t need to be concerned as your website and visitor numbers grow. * Note - Subject to fair usage policy

Email Aliases

Configure as many email addresses at each of your domain names as you wish. Mail to any address can be sent to a POP3 mailbox on the server, forwarded to another email address or to a default location.

MySQL Database

MySQL is the most popular Open Source Database. It is fast, reliable and easy to use. For more information see Our control panel features phpMyAdmin which is the most popular web based MySQL manager.

CGI Scripting In Perl

CGI scripts are small programs that run on the server to add interactivity to your site, Our servers run the latest version of Active Perl allowing you to install and develop your own Perl CGI scripts.

Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes enable the addition of dynamic elements to your HTML web pages. Automatically insert dates, file information and other HTML documents.

Support Tickets

Our ticket system mean your questions are logged and can be tracked easily to help make sure they are resolved as soon as possible.


ASP.NET enables you to harness the power of the Microsoft .NET framework in your web site pages.

Telephone Technical Support

If you should run into difficulty with your account, telephone technical support on 01 902 0020

Microsoft SQL Server Database

Microsoft's enterprise calibre relational database product. SQL server is a good database choice to run dynamic web sites.

ODBC DSN Databases

ODBC allows you to upload a Microsoft Access Database or Excel File and create a connection to it that an be used with your favourite scripting language such as ASP, ASP.NET.

Catch-all/Default Email Aliases

You can automatically set all email for a domain to forward to one email address or mail box.

Password Protected Directories

You may restrict access to certain areas of your web site and configure any number of usernames and passwords. You may create an extranet or provide sites where membership is required.

Graphical Web Site Statistics

View real-time usage statistics for your web site, see how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, what search keywords they use to find you and more.

Unlimited FTP Access

You will have 24/7 unlimited access to your account to upload files and make changes to your pages.

Web Mail

You can check your email from anywhere with our web mail interface. Login with you email user name and password to send an receive email and attachments.

Email Virus Scanning

Our Antivirus and SPAM product can optionally be added to your account - you can expect to see upwards of 98% of unsolicited mail eradicated from your inbox. However you can tune the sensitivity as well as add addresses and domains to your black and white lists to create a perfect solution tailored to your needs. Please ask for pricing on this option.

Own Domain SSL Access

As Comodo partners we can provide and setup your own SSL certificate. This allows 128 bit encryption of your web site traffic. Your visitor will be able to access the site with https://yourdomain. They will see the pad lock icon at the bottom of the screen to verify the connection is secure. The annual charge for provision and hosting of the SSL cert is €90.

ASP Scripting

ASP is a powerful server side scripting language ideal for the creation of dynamic data driven web sites. Our Windows 2012 servers run the latest version of IIS offering full support for ASP scripts. Support is included for connecting to Microsoft Access Databases via ODBC DSN connections.

Animated Tutorials

Animated Flash tutorials are freely available to see exactly how to use your control panel. These take you through the process of setting up email accounts, databases and much more in visual guides.

Instant Account Activation

Place your order online and pay by credit card for instant account activation or call our sales office on 01 902 0020.

Multi Recipient Address

A Multi Recipient Address enables a single email message to be delivered to multiple recipients in your organisation. MRAs are ideal for distributing staff bulletins and memos quickly and efficiently. One Multi Recipient Address can be created on your account.