eSHOP 100

per month
€100.00 annually
100 MB

eSHOP 2500

per month
€250.00 annually
1 GB


per month
€690.00 annually
10 GB

Powerful eShop Addons

Turn your website into a powerful online shop with one of our eShop addon. Choose your preferred addon when purchasing your website builder, if you’re unsure start with the eCom 100 and upgrade later as your product range grows.


Contact our sales team to who’ll be happy to help and provide further information on any of our eShop Addons.

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More Information About Our eShop Addons


Each eShop addon allows you to sell physical products. Choose the correct addon for the size of your product range or what you expect your product portfolio to grow to in the near future. You can always upgrade to the next package as your business grows.

*eProducts - Digital Goods

eShop addons also allow you to sell downloadable goods such as e-books, music, software and other e-products. Choose the correct addon that will allow you to upload your e-product by checking the largest file size of your e-products and ensure this is below the eShop addon file size (e.g.100MB, 1GB or 10GB).

Payment Gateway Options

Our eShop offers a wide range of payment processors for you to choose from in order to facilitate online payments. We offer all the major payment gateways currently totalling over 45, and they include Paypal, Stripe, Sagepay and Realex.

No Transaction Fees

Some website builder providers charge additional transaction fees on every sale you make. With our eShop there are no additional charges.

Store Management App

Manage your product catalogue, inventory and orders from any device. Manage your online business in real time on the go from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Sell On Facebook

eShop can be added to Facebook enabling you to reach more customers. Checkout happens completely in Facebook for a streamlined customer experience.

Store Analytics

The integrated analytics feature that is included in our eShop enables you to track how visitors get to your website based on the following criteria: organic results, paid results, social media, display or email. You’ll be able to see which marketing initiatives are really bringing visitors to your site.

Inventory Tracking

Our eShop allows tracking of inventory and product levels. You can define a quantity for each product separately. Product quantity is automatically reduced when an item has been bought. When the quantity reaches zero, the product gets “Out of stock” status and can’t be ordered anymore.

Shipping, Logistics and Quotes

You can configure shipping and logistics, for example set free shipping or a flat rate, list handling times, freight, and / or order subtotals. You also have the option to charge for shipping based on real-time shipping quotes based on product dimensions for UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, EMS Russian Post, Correios and Australia Post.

Point Of Sale Integration

Our eShop Unlimited also offers integration with Vend, a leading retail POS solution currently available in Ireland, UK, Europe, North America and Asia. Vend offers a free 30 day trial. No credit card required.

Tax Calculator

Customers from Ireland, Europe, US, Canada and Australia our eShop calculates the tax rates automatically based on the store and customer's location. In the checkout the customer will be charged the correct tax rate according to country and regional tax rules.

Order Editing

Order Editor allows you to edit existing orders in the eShop cart. With the help of this app, it’s possible to edit all other order details too.

Custom Invoices

eShop provides an easy to use tool for editing invoices in your store. You can add a personal or business logo to it, specify your business registration number and even customise the invoice template to your desired look and feel.

Custom Discounts

You can customise your pricing in the eShop for specific customers groups. Apply discounts for wholesale, trade, corporate and VIP. Reward customers with repeat orders with additional discounts.


eShop allows you to use discount coupon codes in your store. Create a discount coupon code for specific campaigns and / or customers and track the success.