Hosting Ireland - Anti Spam

Spam has become an annoying problem for all email users. Spam Filter intervention is provided with all Linux Hosting accounts. Our Cpanel Spam Filter includes, with the spam filter service, an Email Filter and a reliable Virus Filtering solution.

The Spam Filter uses spam identification tactics that include:

All spam filtering options are controllable form you hosting control panel.

Anti Virus

A computer without anti virus software is in real danger of receiving a damaging computer virus. Computer Virus damage is serious! Without anti computer virus software, months of hard work could be destroyed and expensive PC components could need replacing. When anti virus software is installed, all email passing through the server will be scanned for the latest virus signatures.

AntiVirus Software

Nod32 Software - Everyone should have virus protection software and Nod32 software is the antivirus of choice. We recommend NOD32 Antivirus software as an effective and well priced solution.