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Cloud Linux

Cloud Linux is an operating system (OS) that is commercially supported and interchangeable with the most popular RPM-based distribution on the market.

What is LVE?

LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment Technology) is an isolation technology that increases server density, stability and reliability. LVE limits the amount of resources (CPU, I/O and memory) available to a specific process or customer. It is a lightweight and transparent shell. LVE wraps the accounts on a shared server to give hosting providers control over CPU resources.

LVE Wrappers

LVE Wrappers are based on Lightweight Virtual Environment technology and allow you to manage resources at the application level. Now Cloud Linux can let you control server resources like Mail, MySQL and Apache within the server. Check out the official announcement or read the blog.

What Can LVE Do?
Benefits with Shared Hosting Servers
Hosting Ireland are Official Cloud Linux Distributors

Hosting Ireland are delighted to offer Cloud Linux to Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting customers. In addition we are happy to provide licensing for use on servers external to our network.


Hosting Ireland can offer Cloud Linux for your Dedicated Server for just €6.95 per month. It can be added on in the server configuration page during the ordering process.


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