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MORE INFO is a fully accredited .net domain registrar

Why Register Domains with Hosting Ireland?

When you register domain names, you should choose an accredited registrar. Here’s why you should register a domain name Hosting Ireland:

  • ICANN Accredited
  • Free DNS services*
  • Free URL forwarding*
  • Free Support

*These services are only provided for domains registered or transferred to Hosting Ireland.

Domain Registration Fees

The registration fee for a domain name is usually for a period of one year or multiples of one year and must be paid when you submit your application.

In order to keep your domain active you must renew your domain fees each year, failure to do so could mean someone else could register your domain when the domain expires.

.net Domain Discounts

The domain discounts offered with our hosting packages applies to any .net one year domain name registration purchased with hosting or a website builder. In fact with a website builder the domain is free. Offer does not apply to renewals.

Registering a .net domain name

net Domain Name Registration Ireland. .net Domain names were originally designed for Internet service providers being short for network. They have, however, become a popular alternative to .com domains as an international domain and are used by businesses and individuals alike.

.net domains are unrestricted - so if it is available you can buy it.

How search engines View the .net domain

.Net domains are viewed in a very similar light to the .com domain. Because .Net domains are not country specific, they are ranked in Google in a similar way to a .com.