When paid in full annually, our Cloud Lite+ hosting is equivalent to €7.37 per month. Billed monthly cost is €9.95

€88.45 per annum. (2 months free)


Why Serendipity with Hosting Ireland?

Hosting Ireland offer Serendipity Hosting capabilities with all of our cloud hosting packages, using a single click install method you can have your Serendipity website up and running in minutes. Using the same package manager you can also keep your installation up to date.

About Serendipity


Templates can easily be added by the magic of CSS. Several templates are included by default. Even visitors of your blog are able to change the layout on-the-fly if you use the template-dropdown plugin. For the advanced user, the full flexibility of the Smarty templating engine allows to change every aspect of the Serendipity look.


A robust plugin system allows you to modify Serendipity without digging through the core source code. Sidebar plugins allow easy customization of your blog with dozens of features. Event plugins are a powerful method of method callbacks, which can hook in into any place in s9y to make it one of the most flexible APIs available.


To fulfill the needs of ever-growing PHP-enabled websites and easy integration with support of embedding Serendipity into your webpage.

Anti-Spam / Comment moderation.

Through use of a (bundled) plugin you can enable CAPTCHAs, SURBL-blacklisting, automated comment moderation based on the content of a comment. Highly configurable.

Robust Editing Interface

Featuring an (optional) WSYISWG editor, easily browsable image manager, extended entry support, entries statistics and a host of other features.

Multiple Databases

Serendipity supports MySQL(i), PostgreSQL and SQLlite database backends.