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More Information on Advanced SSL Certificates

Which advanced SSL cert is for me?

Maybe you’re looking for more than the standard SSL certificate offers. Whether multiple sub domains, Microsoft coms or just a higher level of security we have the cert for you.

Multiple Sub-Domains

If you have multiple sub-domains then our Wildcard SSL cert is exactly what you will be looking for. Wildcard certificates work the same way as a regular SSL certificate with one big advantage. A single Wildcard SSL certificate covers any and/or all of the sub-domains of your main domain. So you can secure unlimited sub-domains over unlimited servers.

Wildcard SSL certificates save you money and management time by securing your domain and unlimited sub-domains on a single certificate.

For example a single Wildcard certificate can be used to secure for example:

Ultimate SSL Cert Security

If you’re looking for the ultimate in security then an EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication for your website.

The green address bar will display your company name and provides visitors with a high level of visual assurance that your site is secure, giving them confidence to complete their transaction. Many e-commerce websites are going beyond the gold padlock to the green bar with Extended Validation SSL certificates, the e-commerce standard for trust and security. Visual assurance helps e-commerce merchants increase trust, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and build long term revenue.

Obtaining an Extended Validation SSL cert requires full organisation validation which ensures the green address bar is associated with only the most trusted companies.

Microsoft Exchange or Office Communication Server

If your company uses an Microsoft Exchange 2007 or higher Office Communications Server environment, you can consolidate all of your certificates into one single UC Certificate. UC SSL certificates are built expressly for the Microsoft Exchange and/or Microsoft Office Communication Server environments. Unlike a standard SSL cert a single Exchange SSL cert can provide secured communications on a number of different domains, reducing administrative costs and make life simpler.

UC SSL certificates also support the 'Autodiscover' service in Microsoft Exchange, which greatly eases client administration. UC SSL certs are trusted by over 99.9% of major web browsers and mobile devices.

What benefits are there for ordering with Hosting Ireland?
How do my customers know if my website is secure?

Most web browsers display a padlock symbol and show a change in the address bar from http to https when a site is securely viewed over an SSL.

Fraud Protection Benefits

An SSL certificate can also help to protect you and your customers from possible online threats of fraud and information hijacking, also known as phishing.