Terms And Conditions

The term ‘Hosting Ireland’ is the trading name of Protocol Internet Technology Limited the accredited registrar and provider of hosting services. The term ‘The Applicant’ is any person, whom must be 16 years of age or over, or a company that applies to register a domain name or purchases the provision of hosting services.

You can view any changes to our terms and conditions here.

These Terms and Conditions refer to the following additional policies, and documents which also apply to your use of our site:

Our Privacy Policy, which sets out the terms on which we process any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us. By using our website, you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate.

Our Acceptable Use Policy, which sets out the permitted uses and prohibited uses of our site and services. When using our website, you must comply with this Acceptable Use Policy.

Our Cookie Policy, which sets out information about the cookies on our site.

Our Data Processing Agreement ("DPA") between you and Hosting Ireland, if applicable. In case Hosting Ireland processes personal data on your behalf as a data processor, the DPA available at the following link Data Processing Agreement Page will apply. If you accept these Terms and Conditions, the relevant DPA will apply. If you do not process personal data a data controller or data processor, no DPA will apply.

In conjunction with these terms and conditions please also see our Privacy Policy and Acceptable Usage Policy. The term ‘Hosting Ireland’ is the trading name of Protocol Internet Technology Limited the accredited registrar and provider of hosting services. The term ‘The Applicant’ any person, whom must be 18 years of age or over, or company that applies to register a domain name or purchases the provision of hosting services.

Domain Registration

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These terms and conditions relate to all completed registrations for Top Level Domains (TLDs).

Applications to Register

All applications must be made via Hosting Ireland's web site or a web site owned by an approved agent of Hosting Ireland.

.IE Domain Registration

The Applicant for a .IE domain name registration will be responsible for providing any additional information that the IEDR (Irish Domain Registry) may request in order to facilitate the registration of the .ie domain name. Such information may include proof of business such as a VAT number, Company Registration Number or RBN (Registered Business Name number) or proof of identification, such as a copy of Passport, Driving License or Bank Statement. Failure to provide sufficient information as specified by the IEDR can result in the domain name not being registered. Hosting Ireland is not responsible for a failed .ie domain registration due to the Applicant not providing additional information as requested by the IEDR and in these circumstances will not issue a refund of the application fee. A full refund will be given for any .ie domain applications that are rejected by the IEDR.
For more information see IE Domain Registry Policies

Acceptance and Payment
Ownership of Domain Names
Obligations of the Applicant
Other Important Information
Premium Domains

While every effort is made to secure premium domain names there are situations where some registries do not publish the premium domain pricing. The pricing only becomes available once an application is made. Hosting Ireland does not accept any liability where a premium domain registration order has been accepted in good faith at the standard price and then the registry post application confirms that the domain is in fact a premium domain. Hosting Ireland will only process the domain application once the premium domain fee has been paid. Every effort will be made by Hosting Ireland to inform the Applicant of the premium pricing in a timely manner and give the option for the applicant to pay the premium fee. In the event that the Applicant does not pay the premium domain fee or no longer requires the premium domain a full refund will be given for the standard domain fee if this has been paid by the Applicant.

Cloud and Hosting Services

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These terms and conditions are intended to protect both the integrity and liability of Hosting Ireland and The Applicant. The Applicant agrees that the service is provided as per the published data and that Hosting Ireland assumes no responsibility for the timing, deletion, delivery or failure to store any customer communications or personalisation settings over and above those permitted under these terms and condition or agreed in writing at the time of contract.

Disk Space

Hosting accounts with Hosting Ireland include a specific disc space allocation, to increase your disk space you will need to upgrade to the next hosting package. Disk space can only be used for hosting of websites and email. Only one backup copy of each website is allowed, Hosting Ireland retains the right to remove additional backup copies without notice. We strongly advise that additional backup copies are copied to a separate storage device such as a pc or external storage device.

IP Address

Accounts with Hosting Ireland do not include separate IP addresses. Separate IP addresses are available at additional cost.

MySQL Databases

MySQL Database facilities are included in the Cloud Lite+, Cloud Business+ and Cloud Ultima plans.

Upgrades and Updates

Hosting Ireland is committed to using up to date software releases in all systems and equipment to ensure the highest level of functionality, stability and security. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to use the latest scripts and software too. From time to time system upgrades and updates will be required and whilst every effort will be taken to inform the Applicant of such changes in advance certain critical upgrades or updates may have to be implemented without notice.


Hosting Ireland offers additional hosting backup products such as CDP (Continuous Data Protection) and Automatic Website Backup (shared hosting only) software. Such products will on a scheduled basis take backups of your website data, such backups on their own are no guarantee of a successful restore, a successful restore is still dependent upon a number of factors and so we can’t guarantee the availability, usability or integrity of either the backup or restore. If a client fails to pay renewal fees such backup data will be lost.

Acceptance and Payment
Additional Charges
Unlawful or Prohibited Usage
Third Party

Any dealings with third parties (including advertisers) included within the Hosting Ireland services or participation in promotions, including the delivery of and the payment for goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings or promotions, are solely between The Applicant and the advertiser or other third party. Hosting Ireland shall not be responsible or liable for any part of any such dealings or promotions.

The Applicant's Responsibilities

The Applicant is solely responsible for the content of The Applicant's text whether on the website or on email.

The Applicant

Business Email

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Terms and Conditions for the provision of the Business Email (the "Service")

  1. The Service is a ‘Pay as you Grow Plan’. Limits can be increased by logging into your account. Once you have added additional packages to the Service, these will become chargeable at the point of purchase. Specifications and Service information can be found here.
  2. Each package has an additional storage quota. This may be by reference to the number of emails held, the size of attachments, or other methods we may specify. We will not be liable for any emails lost due to full mailboxes which have not been upgraded.
  3. We may occasionally need to change these limits either for operational reasons, or because we reasonably believe you have not been using the services in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy. If we do so, we will endeavour to give you twenty-one (21) days advance notice of the new limits by email and after that notice expires, we may refuse to accept material and/or remove materials which exceed the relevant limits. We reserve the right to suspend your Service if any request made is not actioned.
  4. It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential and to change the password on a regular basis. We will not be liable for any data losses or security issues due to stolen or insecure passwords.
Service availability
  1. We monitor the mail platform as a whole but do not monitor individual mailboxes. The server uses SMTP ("Simple Mail Transfer Protocol"), a "store and forward" email protocol, to receive incoming and deliver outbound messages. By default, the mail platform attempts to deliver messages on a regular basis. If delivery is not achieved within twelve (12) hours, a delay notification is emailed to the sender. If delivery is not achieved within four (4) days, the message is returned to the sender.
  2. We may limit or deny access to our Email Hosting systems in the event that, in our sole judgement, such action is required to prevent damage to our or our third-party provider’s networks (including but not limited to software and stored date) or to ensure the integrity or security of the network.
Storage Capacity
  1. Each package is allotted an aggregated storage capacity initially equal to the total storage capacity of all the mailboxes of that account.
  1. We try to always ensure mailbox security and integrity of data. However, despite our efforts, problems may occasionally arise. Where a problem does arise with a specific mailbox, it is your responsibility to inform us of this via your account or by contacting our support team. We will use reasonable efforts to resolve the problem. However, we do not guarantee that we can restore any lost or corrupted data and we will have no liability for the loss or corruption of any data. It is your responsibility to ensure that you back up your data as necessary for you.
  2. We provide anti-virus and anti-spam services for incoming email. This service can be enabled and configured via the account. While we do our best to remove all viruses and spam, we cannot guarantee that we will catch them all nor that no virus will reach your computer. We also cannot guarantee that non-spam messages will never be marked as spam.
Ownership of data and indemnity
  1. All data created or stored by you within our applications and servers is your property.
  2. We will allow access to such data only by our authorised personnel.
  3. You will indemnify us and keep us indemnified against any claim, loss, or damage in respect of any web server content, email content or any other data contained within your server space or within applications on our servers.
Use of email account
  1. If we identify a mailbox or Domain Name that is transmitting illegal, offensive, abusive, derogatory, defamatory, obscene, or infected content, or for the purposes of sending bulk or unsolicited emails, or being used contrary to our Acceptable Use Policy, or otherwise causing problems, we will either remove the offending mailboxes or change their settings to resolve the issue. In certain cases, we will, at our discretion, disable email or suspend all services to the domain as appropriate.
  1. On termination for any reason, we will cease providing the services and your mailboxes will be deleted.
  2. If the termination is during the minimum term, you will be liable to pay us the charges that would have arisen from the date of termination till the expiry of the minimum term.
Remedies and Limitations
  1. Our total liability in relation to the Service whether, in respect of any breach of this Schedule, negligence, any act or omission on our part, whether intentional or otherwise, shall be limited to the total fees paid by you to us in the twelve (12) months preceding the event giving rise to liability for the Service.
  2. We accept no responsibility for any delay, lack of connection, slow connection, loss of data, loss of usability, or any similar or related issues due to, but not limited to any of the following: (i) the active or passive negligence, of us, you or any third party; (ii) downtime due to scheduled or emergency maintenance; (iii) an upgrade, downgrade or alteration to the services; (iv) any hard failure (including issues caused by other users on the hardware); (v) your systems incompatibility with the services; or (vi) your error.


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All Hosting Ireland prices are published on www.hostingireland.ie and are in Euro and ex. Vat unless specified otherwise.


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Termination by the Applicant
Termination by Hosting Ireland

Hosting Ireland may cancel this agreement, suspend delegation of a domain name or cease providing hosting services on seven days written notice (electronic e-mail message being regarded as writing for this purpose) if:

Limitation of Liability

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Force Majeure

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